Rolls-Royce 20/25 - radiator removal


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Hoses removed



Bonnet off; top radiator brace disconnected; top, bottom and heater hoses removed; radiator drain tap detached from the base tank.

Careful viewers will make out the photographer's reflection in the headlamp.

Water hoses



Left to right: -

top hose

radiator drain tap

modified water pump inlet hose with heater connection

bottom hose

Radiator offside bracket



Underneath the car looking at the bottom offside of the radiator.  The chassis bracket and brass trunnion are clearly visible with the radiator mounting bolt still inserted.  To the right are 2 studs, log and short, which clamp the drain tap to the base tank.

Radiator nearside bracket



Same story but on the nearside.

Starting handle shaft



The starting handle extension shaft is held in place by this bracket.  The shaft can be removed after removing the 2 setscrews, withdrawing the bracket and opening the radiator shutters.

Lifting out radiator



The fan, headlights and adjacent paintwork need protecting before lifting the radiator.  The rope is tied around the top pipe.

Radiator removed



Radiator safely removed.  Care is necessary in storage to avoid damage to the bottom studs, shell and matrix. 


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