Rolls-Royce 20/25 - engine connections


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The wiring in this chassis is in very good condition but installed using the incorrect colour scheme.  Care will be needed when rebuilding to ensure that the two white wires are not crossed.

The dilemma is whether or not to rewire the chassis whilst the engine is removed.  Common sense and pragmatism point to leaving well alone.  There again, if so much time, effort and money is going into the engine...

Let me know your thoughts

Carb rods



Aide memoire

With the engine management system control rods disconnected it is nice to have a photograph available that show where they used to be.

Tappet oil supply



The start of the solution to a small problem.  The tappet oil supply tube - forward end - can be seen disconnected from the banjo bolt , above.

As an aside, take note of the grey lining to the right-hand tappet gallery.  This is the resin coating that worked so well for so long in sealing the original repair.  Bottom right-hand corner is a droplet of water left over from the final collapse into incontinence.


Temp sensor



And here is the small problem.  The nut holding the sensing bulb for the temperature gauge was inaccessible due to the position of the tappet oil supply pipe.  The latter has been disconnected and is shown here inverted and adjacent to the rear tappet gallery.

More grey repair resin is visible on the rear wall of the other gallery.

Front subframe



Almost artistic!

A view of the engine sub-frame front pivot - with a partial reflection in the paintwork of the valance.


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