Rolls-Royce 20/25 - cylinder head removal


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One reason why stainless steel washers should be avoided.  The washers are a tight fit into the rebates around the studs.  When oil creates an air-tight seal they become a complete pain to remove.  Use a thin screwdriver to break the sticktion and lift out with a magnet.

head removed



The head lifted off without any problem.

It was a new head, made of aluminium, and was fitted tree years ago.  At least one job went easily.



What a shame that the block is beyond repair.  The bores were sleeved back to standard dimensions in the early 1980s.  Despite thousands of miles, many under arduous circumstances, the walls are perfect and there is no lip at the top of the bores.  The visible brown ring is the area of slight carbon deposit above the top piston ring.


cylinder head



The 'new' cylinder head.  No signs of corrosion or distortion.



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