Rolls-Royce 20/25 - remove sub-frame


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Top end work finished for now.  Engine rotated in the stand - so much easier than man-handling the PIII lump.


frame 2



The other side.

oil pump



Oil pump from the bottom.  The large nut, centre right, is the oil pressure relief valve.  The two nuts above the valve attach the pump to the sump; the smaller nuts hold the pump body together.

The sub-frame tube passes above the pump and is located by two bridge pieces on each side.

spacers Bridge piece and bolts removed to show the spacers that ensure there is no movement or distortion.
frame off



Sub-frame removed to give access to the pulley and timing case.

fan pulley



Fan pulley.  Note the locking plate, held by 5 setscrews, that stops the starting dog nut coming loose.


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