Rolls-Royce 20/25 - remove pistons


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no pistons



All pistons removed.  The pins are perfect.




A view down #1 bore to the big end pin.

wrong cap



Now for the bad news - or at least some of it.

The #2 and #5 big end caps had been assembled on the wrong con rods.  This is a foretaste of the final outcome.





The pistons, rings, little ends and con rods all seem OK.  They will need detailed inspection to confirm this.

knackered shell



The white metal on the shell has started to disintegrate.  Numbers 2 through 5 display signs of failure.  There are no stress cracks, which indicates that there has been either localised overheating or the last remetalling was suspect.  The edges of the damaged areas are relatively smooth.

All of the shims are in good order.

More expense!


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