Rolls-Royce 20/25 - #6 main bearing cap


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mains oil



#6 main bearing oil supply pipe.

The lower union is screwed into the block and held in place by the tab washer. The upper union is screwed onto the lower union, held in place by the (centre) lock-nut and then the pair are secured by another tab washer

Belt and braces.

oil supply



Oil supply pipe removed showing the banjo connection cross-drillings.


cap lip



Every removable component is stamped with its location: this being main bearing cap #6.

Note the lip at the base of the cap that is used to ensure stable location and also to encapsulate the shim.

no cap



Main bearing bolts.

main bearing



#6 cap and shim. The inner face of the shim is coated with white metal.


damaged metal



Close-up shot of the bearing surface showing that the material is just beginning to disintegrate.

This is disappointing news. The crankcase will have to be completely stripped, new main bearings fitted and then the whole set line bored to fit the crankshaft. This is going to add a significant delay onto the rebuild schedule: not to mention another eye-watering bill.


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