Rolls-Royce 20/25 - dismantle dynamo drive


All photographs on this page are taken with the engine canted over at roughly 80 degrees to the right.

dyno drive



The dynamo drive, after removal of the output shaft, showing the serrated nut that retains the bearing and pinion.

pinion off



The outer spindle is bolted to the housing; the inner bearing carrier (with threaded end) can now be pushed out.


shaft out



The bearing carrier tube is an machined fit into the rear face of the pinion spindle. It is pushed out towards the rear of the engine.





The oil supply holes and grooves are clearly visible. With the bolts removed the spindle may be tapped out of the casting.


pinion front



Pinion and bearing seen from the front. Note the spacing ring (shown offset) that is between the bearing and pinion body.


pinion rear



Pinion rear view: again showing the spacer.