Rolls-Royce 20/25 - removing lights



no lights


Beginning to look rather forlorn.  It is necessary to remove the stone guards from under the front wings before the sidelights can be undone.

foot strips off


The foot strips on the running boards are removed by pulling out the rubber inserts and then undoing the screws hidden inside the channel.

window winder


Door cards removed to expose the window winder mechanism.  The steel sheet is attached to the wooden frame.  The mechanism is from a modern car, in this case a Rover 100, which gives very smooth movement and easy adjustment for upper and lower stops.

The original chain and wheel mechanism was inadequate for such large and heavy drop glasses.

no windscreen


Before removing the windscreen frame it is necessary to remove the wooden trim strips from the door pillars and dash top.

The circular hole, on top of the dash board to the right of the steering wheel, is one of the demister outlets.