Rolls-Royce 20/25 - idler gear removal



adjustable C spanner



The aluminium bearing cap on the idler gear is left hand thread. The adjustable 'C' spanner is Rolls-Royce aero stock and is much more versatile than the automotive equivalents.


cover off



The threaded hub used to attach the extractor R3174. The thread is left handed with a diameter of 2.125" at 16 turns per inch.

Extreme care is needed to avoid damage to any of the timing gear teeth.


bearing & spacer



An interesting result - the rear bearing and spacer were left on the shaft when the idler gear was removed. Disengaging this bearing will be left until the cleaning process starts.


blocked drain



One of those little hidden horror stories. After removing the spindle bracket the machined recess was found to be two thirds clogged with sludge. It has been wiped away to show the partially blocked oil drain hole.

The bottom right hand stud is attached to the front blanking plate of the main bearing supply pipe.