Rolls-Royce 20/25 - camshaft removal



cam bearing



Engine inverted to show one of the camshaft bearings. These are an interference fit into the crankcase casting. Each of the 5 intermediate bearings has an upper and lower half, joined by 2 machine screws, with the position number stamped on the lower, forward section.

lug removal



Prior to knocking out the camshaft bearings it is necessary to remove the dowels that provide lateral location to the bearings. The 5 dowels are accessible from the upper face of the crankcase, are hollow and threaded 1/4" BSF. A simple extractor is shown here made from threaded rod, a thick washer and socket.


bearings out



The 5 bearings are removed by knocking each one forward in turn, pulling the camshaft forward and then repeating the process until clear of the case. There are 2 machine screws holding the halves together, which must be released to retrieve the bearings.

It is important to keep the halves of each bearing together and in the correct orientation. The lower half is stamped on its forward surface.

The rear bearing may be removed from the rear of the block if necessary.

cam out



After removing the bearings the camshaft is free to slide out of the crankcase. The hollow dowels can be seen in front of the blue drill box.

There is no evidence of wear on any of the cam lobes although there is insignificant pitting which probably dates back to when the car was left derelict during the 1960s-80s.