Rolls-Royce 20/25 - fitting the clutch




Inside the clutch pressure plate.  The spring housings have been removed and the toggle levers are being removed.

toggle wear


A close-up shot of the wearing end of a toggle - old one at the front and replacement behind.

compare toggles


The replacement levers came from a slightly earlier engine.  This shot shows the replacement lever lying on top of the original.  It must be assumed that the earlier design needed beefing up.

spring set


All 8 clutch springs replaced and re-assembled.  Each assembly is stamped with its position in the pressure plate, which is also stamped.

inside of pressure plate


Inside the pressure plate showing the replacement toggle levers and new springs.



The existing friction lining re-attached to the flywheel.  The back plate and flywheel are both stamped '0' to ensure correct alignment.

A mandrel was fabricated to align the clutch driven plate.  The mandrel diameter is 1" with the front section reduced by 0.016" to fit inside the spigot bearing.

driven plate


Driven plate in position.

clutch fitted


The pressure plate is first attached with the spring housings unscrewed.  The plate is stamped to ensure correct alignment on the flywheel.  Additionally, there are two studs with oversized shanks.

The perimeter nuts are tightened first followed by the spring housings. 

manifolds fitted


Inlet and exhaust manifolds fitted using new gaskets throughout.