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Phantom III engine rebuild

A photographic diary

This photographic record started life as a personal aide memoir to enable me to re-assemble components in their original form.  Rolls-Royce never issued a workshop manual for the Phantom III which meant that detailed information was not readily available.  The Phantom III Technical Society has published a series of articles with general guidelines for rebuilding these engines but there is no single source containing detailed information on all aspects of a complete overhaul.  Having met these hurdles, and spent several hundred hours researching how to step over them, I felt that it may be of service to others intent on treading this path if there was a route-map to follow.  This is how the web-diary came into being; I hope that it proves useful in showing how the different pieces fit together - whether for interest, an overhaul or general maintenance.

For the definitive summary I hope that readers will buy the book "The Forgotten Engine".

Stephe Boddice - Churchill, UK

The rebuild started in November 2001 and finished in February 2003.


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