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Rolls-Royce Phantom III

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This index is compiled alphabetically by main assembly then subassembly.
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  Main assembly Sub-assembly Diary date
B Big ends (see Crankshaft)  
Brake pivot lever behind engine 6Jul
  Bushes (see Clutch and Distributor)  
C Camshaft camshaft 2Feb >> 26Feb
bearings 8Jan >> 29Jan >> 2Feb >> 13May >> 30Dec
camwheel 8Jan >> 10Jan
cam chest 29Jan >> 20Dec >> 30Dec >> 17Jan
followers 29Jan >> 11Feb >> 23Feb >> 31Dec >> 1Jan
timing to crankshaft 10Jan
Chassis engine bay 10Nov >> 19Jun >> 26Jun >> 28Jun
Clutch adjustment 4Jan
casing 19Mar >> 4Jan >> 20Jan
cross-shaft 19Mar
pressure plate cover 17Nov >> 25Mar >> 1Jan
pressure plate spacer ring 17Dec
release bearing 26Mar
Connecting rods fork & blade assembly 20Dec >> 13Dec
Crankcase breather 25May
cracks 13Jan
crankcase 24Jan >> 13Dec
Crankshaft big end bearing block 12Dec >> 20Dec >> 13Dec
big end shell substitute table 26Jul
damper 2Jan >>  8Feb >>  9Feb >> 13Dec  >> 18Dec
flywheel 17Nov >> 13Dec >> 17Dec >> 4Jan >> 10Jan
main bearings 4Jan
main bearings oil supply pipe 20Dec
pulley 28Dec >> 29Dec
rear oil seal 4Jan >> 13Dec
sludge traps 5Feb >> 6Feb
starting handle dog 2Jan
wear pattern table 4Feb
Cylinder head core plugs 7Mar
detailed views 8Mar >> 21Mar >> 24Mar >> 27Mar >> 30Mar
>> 28May >> 29Jun
exhaust manifold studs 6Apr
removal 21Nov >> 1Dec >> 2Dec
re-attachment 8Jan
studs 8Nov >> 8Dec >> 1Jan
  Cylinder liners (see Liners)  
D Distributor base plate 3Jun
drive shaft 3Jun >> 5Jun
drive x-shaft access plugs 30Jan
drive x-shaft removal 2Feb >> 11Feb
drive x-shaft 25Feb >> 24May >> 7Sep >> 23Dec >> 10Jan
HT lead layout 1Jun >> 3Jun >> 22Jan >> 29Jan >> 31Jan
HT lead - table of lengths 8Jul
points 3Jun
Dynamo drive 28Jan >> 25Feb >> 23Dec >> 11Jan
dynamo 29May
dynamo coupling to water pump 30May
E Electrical dip switch 21Aug
radiator wiring 16Aug
Engine engine stand 15Nov
friction dampers 14Jul >> 28Jan
front mountings 15Mar >> 18Jan >> 28Jan
installation 28Jan
Exhaust manifolds 4Sep >> 31Jan >> 1Feb
F Fan cooling fan 15Apr >> 18Apr >> 5Feb
  Filters (see strainers)  
G General layout complete engine 31Oct >> 8Nov >> 10Nov >> 16Nov  >> 13Dec
I Idle gear gear in timing case 28Jan >> 25Feb
lubrication 23Dec
L Liners liners 20Dec >> 31Dec >> 7Feb >> 20Dec
M Manifolds exhaust 21Apr >> 25Apr
    inlet 21Apr >> 24Apr >> 22Jan
O Oil pump pump 26Feb >> 17Jan
drive shaft 3Jun
Oil pressure relief valve oil pressure relief valve 27May >> 29Jan
Oil supply to timing case & distributor 23Dec
P Petrol pump pump 9Jul
Pipes fuel, oil & water 25Apr >> 7May >> 10May >> 27May
Pistons pistons on rods 20Dec >> 13Dec
Pushrods pushrods 13May
R Radiator removal & replacement 1Nov >> 6Feb
shell 17Jul >> 20Jul >> 16Aug
shutter linkage 18Aug
steam valve 14Aug >> 19Aug >> 1Feb
Rockers covers 29Aug >> 4Sep
priming after re-installing 27Jan
rockers & pedestals 19Nov >> 14May >> 23May >> 24May
rocker bushes 24May
S Starter motor starter motor 30May
Starting dog dog 2Jan
Steering track rods 26Jun
drop arm 26Jun
Strainers main pressure oil strainer 29May
petrol delivery strainer 25May
sump oil strainer 18Mar
tappet oil strainer 13May
Sump filler pipe 27May
oil level gauge 27May >> 20Jan
sump pan 10Dec >> 11Dec >> 16Mar >> 14Jan
Suspension bump stops 3Jul
front suspension units 16Jul >> 5Feb
T Tab washers engine set 17Dec
  Tappets adjusting 18Jan
Timing cover timing cover removal & installation 30Dec >> 4Jan >> 14Jan
Timing gears lubrication 23Dec
Tools extractors, etc 20Dec >> 28Dec >> 29Jan >> 30Jan
>> 7Mar
V Valves exhaust valves 8Mar >> 27Mar
inlet valves 8Mar
lapping in 11Apr
seats 12Apr >> 28May
W Water pipes water pipes 23Mar
Water pump body castings 11Jul
pump 18Jun >> 16Jan >> 24Jan
pump coupling to dynamo 30May


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